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Call for Participation to the 43rd UGAT!

UGAT cordially invites the public to its 43rd Annual Conference, to be held for free online, on 7-11 December 2021. The conference theme is “Anthropologies of (De)Colonization and Beyond” where 500 years of the unfolding human story of colonization and de-colonization is examined through anthropology’s four fields (physical / biological anthropology, anthropology of linguistics, archaeological anthropology and sociocultural anthropology), interrogating, unpacking, contesting, describing, and explaining the role and engagement of anthropology and other academic disciplines in understanding the causality and long-lasting effects of colonization that continue in the quotidian lives of peoples and localities globally. While global processes shape and inform societies and cultures, anthropology pays attention to myriad and contested ways on how colonial projects were implemented in various contexts to help understand, interpret, and articulate multi-faceted experiences of colonization. The conference puts into focus the ways in which anthropology and allied academic disciplines continue their efforts to untangle colonialism’s complex and systematic web-like strands of exploitation, domination, and deception which deny peoples their history (Wolf 1982).

In addressing the theme, the conference offers four keynote addresses, one roundtable discussion, 82 paper presentations, one film panel, and a book launch. The UGAT conference aims to provide an arena for reflexive and critical discussions on colonialism- and de-colonialism-related issues, and to foster meaningful and engaged discussions among practitioners of anthropology – whether in academe, development and cultural work, media, art, advocacy, policy and governance, community work, or other forms of social action.

This year’s virtual (over Zoom) UGAT Annual Conference is hosted by the Department of Sociology and Anthropology - Anthropological and Sociological Initiatives of the Ateneo (DSA-ASIA) and the Institute of Philippine Culture (IPC), of the Ateneo de Manila University. The conference also received a grant from the Philippine Social Science Council.

The conference is open to the public. UGAT members may request for a certificate of participation at no cost. Non-members, upon request, can have a certificate for PhP500 or USD20. For further information, you may email the UGAT Conference Secretariat at

Please visit and follow the UGAT Facebook page at for details and updates about the conference.

Please spread the word to your contacts and networks.

See you online!

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