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Mahirap maging mahirap:

How are the poor coping with COVID-19?

Tuesday, 21 April, 1:30 p.m.

Join us for an online conversation with anthropologists Mary Racelis, Carinnes Alejandria, Joshua San Pedro and Gideon Lasco as they share their observations about COVID-19 and the urban poor experiences during the nationwide quarantine, public health and medical interventions, and local and global responses. 


This webinar is co-sponsored by Ugnayang Pang-AghamTao (UGAT), Ateneo de Manila University’s Institute of Philippine Culture, and the Philippine Council for Health and Research Development.


Maria Carinnes Alejandria, PhD
Assistant Professor, University of Santo Tomas

Joshua San Pedro, MD
Co-convenor, Coalition for People's Right to Health
Community Physician, Council for Health and Development

Gideon Lasco, MD, PhD
Senior Lecturer, University of the Philippines Diliman
Research Fellow, Ateneo de Manila University


Mary Racelis, PhD (honoris causa)
Research Scientist, Institute of Philippine Culture
Senior Lecturer, Ateneo de Manila University and University of the Philippines Diliman

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