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We invite you to join our 45th Annual Conference, a platform for diverse local and international voices and critical discussions, where we explore the multifaceted concept of "Home." As we delve into the rich tapestry of languages and cultures that define notions of home, we consider how it shapes questions of belonging, origin, refuge, and identity.


Moreover, we contemplate the implications of home on issues of family, community, self-determination, and solidarity. With the recent global challenges, including the impact of the pandemic on our domestic lives, we aim to discuss the complex interplay between the home as a space of nurturance and its place in our broader society.


Additionally, we examine the global dynamics that often shape our understanding of home, from the middle-class perspectives to the consequences of leaving home due to environmental crises or conflict.

This conference is a unique opportunity to explore the contested and diverse meanings of home across various disciplines, including ecology, art history, labor, and globalization. Together, we'll navigate the intricate connections between home, identity, territory, and community, and perhaps even redefine the boundaries of home for those who find it in borderless regions and maritime zones. Join us in reimagining home as a horizon, a space where we find connection and meaning in an ever-changing world.  In addressing the theme, the conference offers one keynote address, three distinguished lectures, one roundtable discussion, 166 paper presentations, and two short films.


Melvin Jabar
Department of Sociology & Behavioral Sciences,

De La Salle University/Social Development Research Center 


Skilty Labastilla

Department of Interdisciplinary Studies/Institute of Philippine Culture,

Ateneo de Manila University


Floraime Pantaleta

Ateneo Zamboanga-Mindanao Institute,

Ateneo de Zamboanga University


Mary Racelis

Department of Sociology and Anthropology/Institute of Philippine Culture,

Ateneo de Manila University


Please follow the Facebook pages of the UGAT and Ateneo Zamboanga Mindanao Institute for updates.

See you at the 45th UGAT Conference!

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