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Annual Conferences: Programs

UGAT Annual Conference

Since its founding in 1978, UGAT has been conducting annual national conferences not only to discuss professional concerns but also to make anthropology more involved in national and global issues affecting Philippine society and culture.

1st (1978, Laguna)

Philippine Anthropology Today

2nd (1979, Baguio City)

The Power of Anthropology:

A Dialogue among Developers

3rd (1980, Cebu City)

The Filipino and His Changing Environment

4th (1981, Dumaguete City)

The Anthropology of Power


5th (1982, Iligan City)

Anthropology and Technology:

Third World Perspectives


6th (1983, Cotabato)

Anthropology of Mass Movements:

Peoples Organizations in Social Transformation

7th (1984, Bukidnon)

The Anthropology of the Future:

Emerging Structures and Processes

8th (1985, Legazpi City)

Anthropology of Education:

Contribution to Nationhood

9th (1987, Cagayan de Oro City)

Culture Change and National Development

10th (1988, Marawi City)

Ethnicity and National Unity

11th (1989, Tacloban City)

Anthropology and Resistance

12th (1990, Manila)

Philippine Ethnography:

Issues in Cultural Pluralism and Nationhood

13th (1991, Manila)

Anthropology of Philippine Anthropology:

Issues and Concerns for the Nineties

14th (1992, Laguna)

Anthropology of Development:

Issues and Concerns of the Nineties

15th (1993, Cebu City)

Sustainability of Development:

The Anthropological Perspective

16th (1994, General Santos City)

The Anthropology of Transformation

17th (1995, Nueva Ecija)

Anthropology of Disaster

18th (1996, Benguet)

The Indigenous Peoples of the Philippines:

Knowledge, Power and Struggles

19th (1997, Palawan)

Territoriality, Histories and Identities

20th (1998, Quezon City)

Philippine Anthropology in the 21st Century

21st (1999, Albay)

The Use and Abuse of Anthropology in the Philippines

22nd (2000, Misamis Oriental)

Theory and Practice of Philippines Anthropology:

Reviewing the Past to View the Future

23rd (2001, UP Diliman, Quezon City)

Bridging the Generations in Philippine Anthropology

24th (2002, Davao City)

Rootwork and Network:

Weaving Mindanao Anthropology

25th (2003, Cebu City)

Writing Philippine Ethnography


26th (2004, Cagayan de Oro City)

The Ends of Educating

27th (2005, Miag-ao)

The Anthropology of Crisis

28th (2006, SU, Dumaguete)

The Philippines Unbound:

Anthropological Critiques of Globalization

29th (2007, ADZU, Zamboanga City)

The Practice of Governance

30th (2008, San Fernando, Pampanga)

Performing Heritage

31st (2009, XU, Cagayan de Oro City)

The (Re)Making of Cities and its Consequences

32nd (2010, National Museum, Manila City)

Kalikhasan in Flux: Indigenous Peoples’

Creativity in a Changing Natural Environment


33rd (2011, CMU, Musuan, Bukidnon)

Aghamtaong Kaagapay:

Anthropology Cares for Its Publics

34th (2012, USC, Cebu City)

Culture” and “Well-being”:

Conceptualizations, Appropriations, Implications

35th (2013, ADDU, Davao City)

Rethinking & Remaking Forms of Knowledge

36th (2014, SLU, Baguio City)

Trajectories of the Anthropological

in the Philippines

37th (2015, SU, Dumaguete City)

Dagat Ug Kinabuhi:

Maritime Cultures, Spaces & Networks

38th (2016, ADMU, Quezon City)

Circulating Anthropological Knowledge

in the Public Sphere: Building Communities of Practice

39th (2017, CU, Cagayan de Oro City)

The Struggle for Rights: Anthropological Reflection

on What Is and What Ought To Be

40th (2018, PSU, Puerto Princesa City)

Our Interconnectedness:

Doing Anthropology in a Time of Ecological Crisis

41st (2019, VSU, Baybay City)

Food (In)Security: An International Conference on Anthropology of Food and Eating

42nd (2020 Luzon Regional Conference,


Anthropology of Encounters

42nd (2020 Visayas Regional Conference, USC, Online)

Encountering Colonization and the Pandemic in the Visayas: Local Experiences and Responses

42nd (2020 Mindanao Regional Conference,

AIIA-ADDU, Online)

Encountering the COVID-19 Virus in Mindanao:

People’s Responses to the Pandemic

43rd (2021, ADMU, Online)

Anthropologies of (De)Colonization and Beyond:

An International Conference

44th (2022, MSC, Boac, Marinduque)

Kapuluan: Anthropology in the Archipelago

45th (2023, ADZU, Zamboanga City)

Anthropology of Home

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