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An International Conference on Anthropology of Food and Eating

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UGAT cordially invites you to its 41st Annual Conference at the Visayas State University in Baybay City, Leyte, Philippines on 07-09 November 2019. The conference theme is “food (in)security” where food and eating will be interrogated and unpacked in the context of local understandings vis-à-vis global processes in various human conditions and temporalities. While global processes shape and inform foodways and eating habits, anthropology pays attention to myriad and contested ways on how specific contexts understand, interpret and articulate the meanings of food and the practices of eating. 

In addressing the theme, the conference offers two keynote addresses, five distinguished lectures, 120 paper presentations, film screening, and other activities. The UGAT conference aims to provide an arena for reflexive and critical discussions on food-related issues, and to foster meaningful and engaged discussions among practitioners of anthropology – whether in academe, development and cultural work, media, art, advocacy, policy and governance, community work, or other forms of social action.


Conference Convenors

Dr. Cynthia Neri-Zayas

Suzanna R. Roldan

Dr. Guiraldo C. Fernandez, Jr.

Jessie Varquez

Book of Abstracts

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