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2023 UGAT Officers

UGAT welcomes 2023 with a new set of officers! Elected by the Board Members during its meeting held last 02 December 2022, these UGAT officers shall serve a term of one year:


Skilty Labastilla

Ateneo de Manila University

Vice President for Luzon

Neen Sapalo

University of the Philippines Diliman

Vice President for Visayas

Marj Dino

University of San Carlos

Vice President for Mindanao

Kert Tandog

University of the Philippines Mindanao


Aileen Rondilla

Chinese University of Hong Kong


Cla Ruzol

London School of Economics and Political Science

Melvin Jabar of De La Salle University Manila has also accepted the Executive Director position.

All the best to our new set of officers! Padayon!

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1 Comment

Carolyn Sobritchea
Carolyn Sobritchea
Jan 06, 2023

Congratulations to the incoming UGAT officers!

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