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UGAT officers for 2021-2022

After the General Assembly last December 10, 2021, the Board Members of UGAT have elected its officers for the year 2021-2022.

"Immediately after their election, the new directors shall meet as a board to elect from among themselves the officers of UGAT, namely: a president, three vice-presidents (one for each island group), a secretary, and a treasurer. The officers of the Board shall serve a term of one year."

The elected officers are:

President - Skilty C. Labastilla

Vice-President for Luzon - Josefina Socorro F. Tondo

Vice-President for Visayas - Ma. Arve B. Bañez

Vice-President for Mindanao - Mark Francis Francisco

Treasurer - Zona Hildegarde S. Amper

Secretary - Marjury E. Dino

Congratulations and all the best to our officers for 2021-2022!

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